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"Write This Down (Demo)"
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Where is my Mind? 2012-05-07 Posted By: Dave

We finished our first music video! Sound was recorded in our studio (So It Goes Studios). Video was done by Mark Pawlowski (Gaining Vision Studios)

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Studio is DONE! 2012-02-28 Posted By: Dave

So we finished our studio which is called "So It Goes Studio." We also began recording our first fully produced LP. So there will not be many live shows 'til we get closer to completing that. Feel free to watch a little youtube video of Dustin doing "Wagon Wheel" by Old Crow Medicine Show!

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Updating website 2011-10-19 Posted By: Dave

So, I'm finally getting around to updating the website a bit. The shows are now going to be in sync with our facebook page events. Speaking of new shows; check them out! Loso's Mainstreet Pub, as well as the main stage at the Red Carpet!

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The Red Carpet, St. Cloud 2011-04-10 Posted By: Dave

Hello all, We have a show lined up at the Red Carpet on Apr. 15th (Friday). We will be the first on stage, starting at either 9 or 10. Come on out, it will be a blast!

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